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  • Concentrated power is spot on [DSEI15, D1]

    Rheinmetall Defence (Stand S2-266) is emphasising its expanding range of High Energy Laser (HEL) effectors for land- and sea-based defence, being promoted for the emerging threat from unmanned air systems, which are often very small, slow and fly at a low altitude, writes Christopher F Foss. Being

  • A sensitive case [DSEI15, D1]

    First-time exhibitor at DSEI, B&W International of Germany (Stand N2-365), which has its own production facility in Joaxing, China, is hoping to make further inroads into the military sector with its versatile outdoor cases, designed for sensitive portable items. Its cases are not only

  • Night into day [DSEI15, D1]

    OPTIX JSC of Bulgaria (Stand S6-200) is showing its newest product, the all-weather NVA-10 clip-on device (above) that in combination with any riflescope converts a weapon into a fully functional night vision weapon system. The clip-on device incorporates mirror lens objective, which results

  • See without being seen [DSEI15, D1]

    Czech concern ERA (Stand N8-322) is addressing the air defence and surveillance needs of military and security forces with its Vera-NG passive surveillance system designed for detection, location, identification and tracking of air, ground and naval targets. The system has been successfully

  • Driving diesel to military market [DSEI15, D1]

    What is claimed to be the first viable high-power diesel outboard engine for military users is being launched onto the global defence and security market at DSEI by UK-based Proteum Ltd, part of SC Group (Stand N9-360). According to Proteum, the 200hp OXE Diesel outboard - manufactured by

  • Ammunition for elite forces [DSEI15, D1]

    Primetake (Stand N6-390), a UK manufacturer of specialist munitions, is launching two products within its Omega range of ammunition, including the 7.62mm x 51AP (armour piercing) and the 7.62mm x 51SB (subsonic) rounds. The AP round utilises a REACH-compliant tungsten core to maximise its

  • Breathe easy with mix and match filters [DSEI15, D1]

    Bioquell Defence (Stand S3-356) is introducing its mix and match concept, with a range of interchangeable CBRN and fresh air filtration units, filters and controls suitable for armoured vehicles and shelters, to provide life support for a crew of up to 17 personnel. The product range includes a

  • Firefly buzzes in [DSEI15, D1]

    UK company Britannia 2000 (Stand S4-465) is offering visitors to the show a sneak preview of an addition to its Firefly thermal weapon sights family, the Firefly-30 (pictured), which will come on to the market in early 2016. Firefly-30, using the latest generation FLIR Systems TAU-2 thermal camera,

  • Man-machine interfaces [DSEI15, D1]

    APEM, a UK-based global MMI (man-machine interface) specialist for more than 60 years, is showing ranges of robust military-grade switches including toggle, push button, rocker and E-Stops, and a wide range of sealed QRM-NV nightvision- compatible LED indicators with NVIS capabilities, which are

  • Predator prowls the deep [DSEI15, D1]

    Marine electronic equipment specialist Seatronics (Stand S9-496) is showcasing the versatile inspection-class Predator remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The Predator, built in Scotland, is a 300m depth-rated ROV developed to meet the demanding operating environments for reliable underwater

  • No fear in Arctic [DSEI15, D1]

    The Arctic 25 hypothermia protective suit of US company White Glacier (Stand S10-186) can be tried out at DSEI, where visitors can immerse themselves in an incredible ice-water tank exhibition. The suit is said to be setting new standards when it comes to maritime safety and hypothermia

  • CTC production begins [DSEI15, D1]

    CTAI, a joint venture between Nexter Systems of France and the UK’s BAE Systems (Stand S3-100), has now started production of its 40mm Case Telescoped Cannon (CTC), with first production weapons to be completed in the third quarter of 2016. Earlier this year the company was awarded a

  • Surveillance at sea [DSEI15, D1]

    Israeli electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) house Controp (Stand N2-360) is debuting its iSea family of maritime surveillance payloads. Developed and ruggedised for the challenging maritime environment, the iSea range comprises seven different stabilised EO/IR payloads – iSea-10U, 20U, 20, 30,

  • Four-legged sophistication sealed [DSEI15, D1]

    If you see a highly sophisticated robotic dog walk or run towards you, and hop over obstacles with surprising agility while carrying a payload of up to 50kg, it is in no small measure due to the durable, high-performance Trelleborg seals in the hydraulic actuators that power the legs of BigDog.

  • High-class computing [DSEI15, D1]

    A market leader for embedded computing technology (ECT), Kontron (Stand S3-285) has completed the successful design and test of the industry’s highest-performance 3U VPX board, and has begun evaluation unit deliveries to key customers. Based on the advanced eight-core version of the Intel

  • Report from the bush [DSEI15, D1]

    Being in a remote location with almost no means of communicating could be a daunting experience, but not for South Africa’s PJ Aviation (Stand N3-110), which offers a rugged portable ground-to-air transceiver that is becoming popular around the world. Collaborating with Walter Dittel Avionik

  • Sealed for good [DSEI15, D1]

    UK manufacturer Air-Seal Products (Stand N9-291) is promoting its tyre sealant, a water-based product containing aramid fibres, that seals punctures up to 30mm in diameter, stops rim and bead leaks and protects tyres from pressure losses. The sealant works effectively as a standalone tyre

  • Tying up loose ends [DSEI15, D1]

    Wiring done by the average DIY enthusiast in the home is plainly not good for the military automotive market. Which is why Techtronic Technology Solutions (TTS) (Stand N3-110) prides itself on its in-house design capabilities for international OEMs in the defence and rail markets. An established