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  • Preserving life at sea [CANSEC17D1]

    Tulmar Safety Systems Inc (Booth 1724) has been awarded a competitive $4.2 million multiyear contract to supply 12,800 inflatable Maritime Pouch and Hazardous Duty life preservers to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). These constant-wear life-saving devices are worn by members of the RCN and Naval Reserves.

  • Getting it right first time [CANSEC17D1]

    Marinvent Corporation (Booth 805) and QRA Corp (Booth 1333) have officially launched the immediate availability of the integrated version of QRA’s QVscribe requirements tool with Marinvent’s Synthesis certification tools, which will significantly improve the way requirements are handled in aerospace certification programmes. The NSERC Chair in Aerospace Design Engineering (NCADE) at Concordia University is partnering with the two companies as their first university collaborator.

  • A high-tech way to find the range [CANSEC17D1]

    A newly released product is the LRB 6K, a 7x42 high-performance, high-tech laser rangefinder in a sleek and compact form.

  • Ready to repel [CANSEC17D1]

    DEW Engineering of Ottawa (Booth 1111) has unveiled a new armoured shelter, designed to eliminate the vulnerability of military and police services.

  • Passing the test [CANSEC17D1]

    Established in 1986 in England and operating in Canada since 2001, the International Test Pilots School (ITPS, Booth 1926) is celebrating 30 years of providing specialist training services to the military and civil industry worldwide.

  • No hiding place [CANSEC17D1]

    Saskatoon-based International Road Dynamics (IRD, Booth332) a leader in intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for more than 37 years, specialises in providing protection of assets and infrastructure, and transportation and homeland security.

  • Ensuring mission effectiveness [CANSEC17D1]

    Big-ticket acquisition of equipment, vehicles or uniform, while ensuring compatibility and keeping within budget, are major challenges. These are being addressed by HumanSystems Incorporated (HSI) with a framework of tools for the Canadian Army’s Soldier System Effectiveness (SoSE) programme.

  • Quick cover-up [CANSEC17D1]

    First-time exhibitor ROBUS Shelters is presenting its mobile, self-deploying shelter on Outside Booth 3027, which can be installed on  at, inclined or pathless terrain requiring no more than one or two operators.

  • Flameless heat on the move [CANSEC17D1]

    South Dakota, USA-based Therm Dynamics has been a leading supplier of flameless portable heaters to the oil and gas and aviation industries worldwide since 1998, providing a wide range of heating solutions.

  • Volunteer for a stronger Canada [CANSEC17D1]

    Everyone probably knows that The Royal Canadian Legion (Booth 135) is an organisation that supports Canada’s Veterans and honours their sacrifice. It may have been seen hosting Remembrance Day ceremonies or distributing poppies during its annual Poppy Campaign. Perhaps people have heard or read stories about the Legion supporting local Veterans and their families.

  • No signal is missed [CANSEC17D1]

    Access to eavesdropping and electronic bugging devices is becoming easier and more affordable, as demonstrated by Contretron Inc (Booth 528), a certified Research Electronics International (REI) distributor, with REI’s new ANDRE Advanced Near-field Detection Receiver.

  • Enhanced capabilities [CANSEC17D1]

    StandardAero (Booth 1921) recently announced that it has expanded its repair and servicing capabilities to include eight new military engines.

  • More gas turbines for Korean FFX-II frigates [CANSEC17D1]

    Rolls-Royce (Booth 1621) has been contracted by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) to supply a further three MT30 marine gas turbines to power the next three ships in the Republic of Korea Navy’s (RoKN’s) FFX Batch 2 Daegu class frigate programme.

  • Map engine for cloud applications [CANSEC17D1]

    Kongsberg Geospatial (Booth 913), the Ottawa-based developer of real-time, mission-critical, geospatial and command and control software, has launched a browser-based 3D map engine to deliver high-performance geospatial applications in the cloud.

  • Survivability safeguarded [CANSEC17D1]

    S4 Tactical & Defence (Booth 435) has signed an exclusive Canada, USA and South America partnership with TenCate Advanced Armor, whose products will now be available in Canada.

  • Controlling spectrum situational awareness [CANSEC17D1]

    LS telcom (Booth 230) is a global leader in spectrum system integration delivering spectrum and electronic warfare hardware, software, system integration, training, mentoring and consultancy. The company has added highly experienced ex-military and defence experts to the organisation to leverage the clear and defined needs of the defence and security market.

  • Quick connections [CANSEC17D1]

    Battlefield International Inc (Booth 1207) of Cayuga, Ontario, designs and manufactures aerospace fuel systems and quick-connects, and mechanical, custom and lightweight components.

  • Clear and precise [CANSEC17D1]

    Creating and maintaining technical publications and customer support data across an international enterprise can be a challenge, especially with a diverse product line and highly complex applications. Lionbridge and CANSEC sponsor CLS LexiTech provide support for the introduction of new products and maintaining current in-service products for their customers’ requirements.

  • Embedded intelligence [CANSEC17D1]

    Connect Tech (Booth 607) is displaying three new carrier boards – Cogswell, Spacely and Sprocket – for the new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and existing Jetson TX1 products.

  • Cockpit iPad [CANSEC17D1]

    ABC Completions Inc has obtained Transport Canada STC Approval for the iPad as a Class II Electronic Flight Bag, complete with electrical connection to aircraft systems for the Bombardier Global Series aircraft. The TCCA STC certification complements the existing FAA STC 3199NY. The system is certified for taxi, takeoff and landing.