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  • Mwari on course for delivery [AAD18D1]

    As the second AHRLAC development aircraft (PDM) makes its first public appearance at AAD alongside the first prototype experimental aircraft (XDM), the AHRLAC company plans to begin the final assembly of the first production aircraft (MSN 1) this evening, in front of key stakeholders in the programme.

  • South Africa’s defence will be mandate-driven [AAD18D1]

    At a media briefing ahead of AAD 2018, South Africa’s defence minister, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, said the exhibition theme to “unlock Africa’s aerospace and defence potential” is important.

  • Commanding control [AAD18D1]

    Cybicom Atlas Defence (CAD) (Hangar 4, Stand CE13) has launched a new locally produced Naval Command and Control (C2) system, based on the concept of a ground-up approach, and which incorporates many critical aspects raised during design workshops with senior South African navy officers. The third-generation system is extremely agile, simple, robust and scalable, and allows for rapid organic growth.

  • High-speed interceptor craft [AAD18D1]

    Milkor (Hangar 4, Stand W5) is officially launching its new fast patrol boat, the MN Centurion, which was first put in the water a few months ago, and is already close to receiving orders for the type.

  • New courses set for SA Navy [AAD18D1]

    Long-standing plans to improve South Africa’s offshore patrol and hydrographic capabilities are finally moving forward following the award of two shipbuilding contracts under the respective auspices of Project ‘Biro’ and Project ‘Hotel’. These orders represent the first major platform acquisitions for the South African Navy since the purchase of new frigates and submarines in 1999.

  • Performance and capability assured [AAD18D1]

    Denel Dynamics (Hangar 3, Stand W25) has completed guided missile qualification tests for its fifth-generation A-Darter air-to-air missile, which employs an advanced imaging infrared seeker and thrust-vectoring control system. The qualification test series comprised four firings conducted in different scenarios to validate the various capabilities of the A-Darter.

  • Terminator has arrived [AAD18D1]

    Jordan’s Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems (Hangar 2, Stand CE22) has brought its new Terminator anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) to South Africa following its unveiling in Jordan earlier this year.

  • Understanding Africa [AAD18D1]

    Global engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon (Hangar 5, Stand W6) has announced plans to expand advisory services in the South African defence market following increased demand for optimisation and management of assets in a budget-constrained environment.

  • New-look ‘Ski-bird’ Hercules flies [AAD18D1]

    Making a welcome appearance here at AAD is a Lockheed Martin LC-130H. This version of the Hercules is equipped with skis for landing on snow and ice during polar operations. The example on show here sports a new modification, having recently been fitted with new-generation eight-bladed NP2000 propellers.

  • Potential through partnership [AAD18D1]

    ‘Innovation Partnership and Technology Transfer’ are the main themes as UK companies exhibit a wide range of innovative defence and security capabilities here at AAD 2018. This reflects UK government and UK companies’ continuing commitment to partnership with Africa.

  • Raising standards [AAD18D1]

    The Tshwane Economic Development Agency of the Tshwane Municipality is joining with the Commercial Aviation Manufacturing Association of South Africa (CAMASA) in raising the industry’s visibility and presence in the region with the first CAMASA presence at AAD 2018 (Hangar 6, Stand E6).

  • Critical asset support [AAD18D1]

    Babcock International is extending the group’s bespoke engineering and complex asset management services to the defence, emergency and security sectors in southern Africa. These services are delivered in highly regulated environments to improve the reliability, capability and availability of critical assets through essential equipment supply and maintenance, and specialised training.

  • On the up [AAD18D1]

    Within the current operating context of austerity, Denel’s participation at AAD has been enabled through local partnerships.

  • Puma roams far and wide [AAD18D1]

    South African company OTT Technologies (Hangar 5) has launched its latest-generation Puma M36 Mk 6C-2 with independent suspension here at AAD 2018, being offered alongside the latest Puma M36 Mk 6C fitted with a Mercedes-Benz Zetros driveline. Both of these mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles have been developed using internal research and development funding and are aimed at the export market.

  • Sinkable is unthinkable [AAD18D1]

    When Brunswick Commercial’s clients say, “Bring the Brunswick”, they are talking about more than the Boston Whaler boats.

  • Empowering Africa [AAD18D1]

    By keeping South Africa’s developmental agenda as a guiding principle, Dentec Aerospace (Hangar 6, Stand W9) offers a wide spectrum of services, from aircraft component repair and overhaul and electronic warfare systems to riot control equipment and supply chain optimisation.

  • Happy helicopters [AAD18D1]

    Honeywell’s Avionics Protection Plan has been selected by Africa-based helicopter operators Heliconia of Morocco, Caverton of Nigeria, and Titan Helicopters of South Africa.

  • Keeping an eye out [AAD18D1]

    German market leader Hensoldt (Hangar 3, Stand C19) is highlighting its wide range of sensor technologies in the areas of defence and security, including its new TRML-4D, the latest member of its NATO G band TRS-4D radar family, and its Local Situational Awareness System (LSAS).

  • No bridge too far [AAD18D1]

    Bridge and engineering services specialist Mabey Bridge (Hangar 4, Stand CE10) recently participated with British prime minister, Theresa May, on a trade mission to Africa, which formed part of the Department for International Trade’s objective to help British businesses unlock further economic potential in Africa. From rural and emergency bridging programmes, through to infrastructure opportunities in inner cities with pedestrian bridging and flyovers, connectivity in Africa is enabling many areas of the continent to grow, especially in countries such as South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

  • Nothing left uncovered [AAD18D1]

    Alaska Structures (Hangar 2 ON, Stand ON1), the world’s leading provider of fabric structures, has produced more than 55,000 engineered fabric buildings for use in 65 countries, including several hundreds of aircraft hangars. Other uses include turnkey camp systems, military shelters, modular buildings for workforce housing, field offices, on-site warehouses, dining halls for large mining and construction camps, workshops and exploration shelters.