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  • Keep fit anywhere [AAD16D3]

    The RST Trainer is a revolutionary training device designed to allow training anywhere – in doors, outdoors, at home or while deployed. It is lightweight and compact and can easily be carried around. Its effectiveness in maintaining peak operational fitness has been proven by military personnel.

  • Looking for a Hero? [AAD16D3]

    Leonardo’s helicopter business (formerly AgustaWestland) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rotary-wing craft, and in recent times has brought its enormous experience in the business to the unmanned sector. At AAD the company is presenting its SD-150 Hero remotely piloted air system, while at the same time reporting growing and serious interest in the use of UAVs for a range of surveillance duties in Africa.

  • Taking the guesswork out of detection [AAD16D3]

    Public gatherings pose a security challenge to services tasked with maintaining law and order and, most importantly, safety. The chaos that can emanate from crowd unrest or protest situations necessitates fast, accurate information. For example, being able to pinpoint exactly if and where a gunshot originated will assist safety forces to respond in a controlled, measured manner.

  • Fire tender [AAD16D3]

    Locally based Marcé (Hangar 6, Stand W10) is the largest firefighting vehicle manufacturer in southern Africa and has delivered vehicles to most parts of the continent, Namibia being a case in point, and around the world.

  • Surveillance for hire [AAD16D3]

    Ultimate Unmanned has unveiled its new offering, the Viper 1000C, but the medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned air vehicle (UAV) is not for sale. The company has outfitted the high-performance UAV as a platform that can be hired out to customers who require long-persistence surveillance with advanced sensors.

  • Serious firepower [AAD16D3]

    With its proud history going back almost 500 years, to 1526, it is hardly surprising that Beretta (Hangar 3, Stand CW4) remains an innovative company. Having supplied its ARX 160 weapon platform in 5.56mm calibre as the Italian Army’s standard assault rifle, Beretta offers a quick conversion to 7.62mm x 39.

  • Accurate approach [AAD16D3]

    Inclement weather or extreme environmental conditions make it hazardous for aircraft on final approach to an airport or military base. USA-based Harris Corporation (Hangar 3, Stand CE17) has a proud record of designing precision approach radar (PAR), going back to 1943 when it provided the first PAR to the US Army Air Corps.

  • All in one place [AAD16D3]

    Established in 1990, TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd (Hangar 5, Stand CE6) has evolved into a leading global defence-contracting company. TAR is client-orientated, striving to build and maintain a close relationship as a prime vendor with all its customers. It focuses on delivering fully customised turnkey solutions, from risk analysis, defence systems and equipment to training, tailored to meet its customers’ most challenging needs.

  • South Africa shows armour capability [AAD16D3]

    One of the highlights of Africa Aerospace & Defence 2016 is the mobility demonstration, during which armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) are put through their paces.

  • SA’s defence industry is among the best in the world [AAD16D3]

    Global interest in the South African defence industry is growing and there is broad agreement that it is among the best in the world and in the forefront of the development of innovative products, says the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Nosiviwe Mapisa- Nqakula.