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  • Poachers beware! [AAD16D3]

    Yesterday afternoon the Rhino911 initiative was formally launched at a reception at the AAD site. The programme has declared war on the animal poachers that threaten to eradicate the rhino, and to decimate the populations of other vulnerable species such as elephants and lions.

  • Productive partnership [AAD16D3]

    Building relationships over time tends to bear fruit for the respective parties. This has proved the case for Jordan’s KIG – KADDB Investment Group (Hangar 2, Stand CW20) and South Africa’s Paramount Group (Hangar 4, Stand W14).

  • AHRLAC advances [AAD16D3]

    At AAD two years ago the AHRLAC multimission aircraft made a starring appearance in its public debut. At the time it had about 20 hours on the clock and was an austere prototype. Now the aircraft has returned to Waterkloof with some 250 hours under its belt, four trials deployments to its name, and with an impressive array of mission systems installed.

  • Africa Truck revealed [AAD16D3]

    Denel Vehicle Systems has shown for the first time its ‘Africa Truck’, which is regarded as a technology demonstrator. It was unveiled by General Solly Shoke, Chief of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). The Military Command Council requested Armscor, Denel Vehicle Systems and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to investigate a project to restore the SANDF logistic support capability.

  • Multi-use helicopter [AAD16D3]

    Formerly AgustaWestland, Leonardo’s helicopter business is promoting the AW149 military helicopter to a number of nations.

  • Thunderous co-operation [AAD16D3]

    At a media briefing at AAD 2016 hosted by both the China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC) and the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), the focus was on the co-operation between the two groups in the design and development of the JF-17 Thunder over a long period of time.

  • Turkey’s pavilion is biggest at AAD [AAD16D3]

    The organisers of the Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition presented the Turkish Deputy Minister of National Defence, Suay Alpay, with a certificate of appreciation.

  • Deserving cause [AAD16D3]

    More than 6,000 African rhinos have been killed since 2008. The current rate is just over three a day. Flying for Rhino & Conservation Trust (F4R) is a registered nonprofit organisation (NPO) formed in response to this poaching crisis.

  • Battle tank ready for production [AAD16D3]

    UralVagonZavod (Hangar 2, Stand CE26) has confirmed to the AAD Show Daily that development of its latest T-90MS main battle tank (MBT) is complete and production can commence as soon as orders are placed.

  • Fully committed to South Africa [AAD16D3]

    Thales has been in South Africa for more than 35 years and provides its customers with technologically advanced solutions for the aerospace, transportation, defence and security sectors.

  • Night eyes for the paras [AAD16D3]

    Belarussian optics specialist BelOMO Holding is presenting a range of observation equipment on the Unitary Enterprise Lemt stand (Hangar 2, Stand W10).

  • Sensor specialist [AAD16D3]

    Northrop Grumman LITEF (NG LITEF, Hangar 2, Stand CE4) specialises in inertial sensors, inertial reference and navigation systems and serves military and civilian customers. The company’s products are used in civil and military aviation, military land vehicles and naval and industrial applications.

  • Made for Africa [AAD16D3]

    With two US Air Force examples on the Waterkloof ramp and South African Air Force aircraft flying in the air display, the C-130 Hercules is a dominant sight at AAD. While the South African and US special forces aircraft represent the first generation of the design, the C-130J transport variant parked alongside is from the latest generation. To date the Hercules fleet has clocked up a staggering 23 million-plus flight hours.

  • Concept vehicle demonstrated [AAD16D3]

    South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is showing publicly for the first time a light tactical vehicle technology demonstrator.

  • A new Star is born [AAD16D3]

    FLIR Systems Inc (Hangar 3, Stand CW20) recently announced the release of the new Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc high-definition, compact airborne electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) targeting system. Featuring industry-leading size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-c) specifications, the Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc combines FLIR’s latest sensor technology with precision laser designation to give light combat helicopters and similar platforms true next-generation performance.

  • MBT market move [AAD16D3]

    China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO, Hangar 2, Stand CW14) is aiming for a slice of the still significant main battle tank (MBT) market with its latest VT4 MBT, which is being shown here only in model form.

  • Lighting up the darkness [AAD16D3]

    Theon Sensors’ (Hangar 3, Stand W5) main product lines include night vision monoculars and binoculars, night vision sights, and vehicle and platform-based thermal imaging systems.

  • New species of Puma [AAD16D3]

    OTT Technologies (Hangar 5, outside and inside) has confirmed that it has sold a batch of the latest Puma M36 Mk 5 mine-protected vehicle (MPV) in the armoured recovery vehicle (ARV) configuration to an undisclosed export customer.

  • Pakistan flight in force [AAD16D3]

    Visitors to AAD are being treated to the aerial prowess of the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Mushshak, a light, robust primary flight trainer and utility aircraft, whose display includes deliberate spinning.

  • Turkish precision [AAD16D3]

    Turkish missile house Roketsan (Hangar 7, Stand CW12) is showcasing a wide range of its products at AAD, including its multibarrel rocket launching systems for 107mm, 122mm and 300mm rockets. The latest member of the family is the TRG- 300, offering a 120km range and a 30m CEP accuracy thanks to GPS/ INS guidance.