Infantry Weapons

India signs USD117.8 million deal with IWI for LMGs

22 March 2020

India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) signed an INR8.8 billion (USD117.8 million) contract with Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) on 19 March for 16,749 Negev NG-7 7.62×51 mm light machine guns (LMGs) for the Indian Army (IA).

“The provisioning of this operationally urgent and critically needed weapon will boost the confidence of the [army’s] frontline troops and provide much needed combat power to the armed forces” said the MoD in a statement issued that same day.

These LMGs, it added, will enhance the “lethality and range” of army soldiers compared to those provided by the currently used weapon.

The Negev NG-7 was ordered after numerous setbacks – including at least one tender cancellation – under the Fast Track Procedure (FTP) initiated in May 2019 as part of the MoD’s overarching Defence Procurement Procedure-2016 (DPP-2016) to meet the IA’s 11 year-old demand for a new LMG.

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