Terrorism & Insurgency

New Shia militant group claims responsibility for attacks on US-led coalition military base in Iraq

19 March 2020

Key Points

  • Asbat al-Thaireen, or League of the Revolutionaries, has claimed responsibility for the 11 and 14 March rocket attacks on the United States-led coalition military base Camp Taji in Iraq's Baghdad province.
  • Although it is unclear if the group is a new formation or a front for existing Iranian-backed Shia paramilitary groups operating in Iraq under the aegis of al-Hashd al-Shaabi, or the Popular Mobilisation Forces, the scale of the attack implied Kataib Hizbullah involvement.
  • Although US aircraft conducted airstrikes against five Kataib Hizbullah targets on 12 March, the subsequent rocket attack will likely accelerate the US's planned closure of three military bases in the country.

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