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Colombian Army purchases the Hunter XL MRAP

11 March 2020

The Colombian Army has confirmed the purchase of several Hunter XL Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles designed and manufactured by the Colombian company Armor International.

The purchase order was issued in mid-December 2019, for a total amount of USD500,000, the company told Jane's , and the vehicles will be deployed by the army within the Meteor Plan and will be used to monitor Colombian roadways.

This new model is part of the Hunter family, but it is larger than the previous version, thus the XL designation, and has better capabilities than the first model of this company the TR-12.

The Hunter XL has been developed from a WorkStar 7300 chassis supplied directly by Navistar Defense and for strictly military (non-commercial) use, with 4×4 AWD traction, powered by an International DT-M9 type engine with 330 HP and 950 lb/ft torque and assisted with a six-speed forward synchronised automatic Allison 3000RDS transmission.

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