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Romania orders Iveco tactical trucks

21 February 2020

Iveco is to supply the Romanian MoD with up to 2,902 tactical trucks, with an initial order for 942 units in place; Iveco has previously supplied two batches of trucks totalling 230 units. Source: Shaun C Connors

The Romanian Ministry of Defence (MoD) on 31 December 2019 awarded Iveco Defence Vehicles a seven-year frame-type contract to supply 2,902 tactical trucks. According to a company statement, an initial delivery order for 942 trucks is in place and these are to be delivered over four years beginning in 2020.

The company confirmed the vehicles are from Iveco's tactical range, and these are produced by the company's Astra subsidiary at a dedicated facility in Piacenza, Italy. Iveco acquired specialist heavy truck manufacturer Astra Veicoli Industriali SpA in 1986, and while the Astra brand is retained for domestic production, for export applications the Iveco brand and product designations are used.

According to Jane's Land Warfare Platforms: Logistics, Support & Unmanned , Iveco's tactical range trucks are based around a purpose-designed C-section 8 mm thick ladder frame chassis constructed from high-yield strength 530 N/m 2 steel. All are fitted with a military-specific flat-panelled glass-reinforced plastic cab, and are available in a configuration transportable by C-130 aircraft. The majority of tactical range driveline components are taken from Iveco's Trakker range of heavy-duty commercial trucks, but these are significantly militarised due to requirements such as MIL-STD-461C for electromagnetic capability, a standard 750 mm fording depth (1.2 m with minimal further modifications), a climatic operational range of -32 to 49°C, and a central tyre inflation system (CTIS).

The tactical range is divided into two sub-ranges: tactical (SM) and logistic (SMH). The only significant visual difference between SM and SMH trucks is standard tyre size and the use of twin wheels/tyres on the rear axles of SMH models. Logistic models, because of their higher payload ratings, usually have higher load-rated axles and suspension.

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