Sea Platforms

New Zealand progresses hydrographic vessel towards operational readiness

19 February 2020

HMNZS Manawanuithe, RNZN’s hydrographic survey and dive support vessel that was commissioned in 2019. Source: Royal New Zealand Navy

The Royal New Zealand Navy’s (RNZN’s) new hydrographic survey and diving support vessel, HMNZS Manawanui, has sailed out to sea for the first time since it was commissioned, the service announced on 17 February.

The operation is being done as part of the vessel’s Sea Acceptance Readiness Checks, said the RNZN via an official social media channel. The process also paves the way for Manawanui to attain its operational readiness status, the service added.

Manawanui was commissioned in June 2019 at the Devonport Naval Base in Auckland, New Zealand. Prior to its service with the RNZN, it existed as a commercial offshore support vessel known as Edda Fonn.

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