Military Capabilities

Chile deploys multipurpose-ship Sargento Aldea to boost Antarctica missions

13 February 2020

The Chilean navy deployed its multipurpose-ship Sargento Aldea (LSDH 91) in late November 2019 to take part in the country’s 2019-20 Antarctic campaign for the first time.

Designed for amphibious assault operations, Sargento Aldea was acquired from France in 2011. Chile has used the ship for non-combat operations like delivering humanitarian aid, transporting Chilean peacekeepers from Haiti when the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti shut down in 2017, and serving as the command ship for search operations when a Chilean Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules aircraft crashed in the Drake Passage in December 2019.

Now the ship has been used for the first time to transport scientific personnel and deliver supplies to Chile’s Antarctic bases, joining a flotilla of Chilean and other South American ships serving the region at this time for a variety of different missions.

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