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Beijing accuses Taiwan’s ruling party of ‘provoking’ growing sentiment in China to reunify the island ‘by force’

16 January 2020

Following the Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP's) re-election in the 11 January Taiwanese presidential poll, the Chinese State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office has accused the DPP and what it referred to as "Taiwanese separatist forces" of "provoking" a growing sentiment in the Chinese mainland to reunify the island "by force".

"I have to remind the DPP and the 'Taiwan separatist forces' that they should seriously reflect on why voices in mainland China have been increasingly advocating 'reunification by force' in recent years. This is provoked by them going against the will of the [Chinese] public and current trends. They should think deeply about the future of Taiwan and cross-strait relations," Ma Xiaoguang, a Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson, said in a 15 January news conference in Beijing.

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