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Russia to trial Drozd-2 active protection system on T-72BK

16 January 2020

The Russian Ministry of Defence has contracted the KBP Instrument Design Bureau (Shipunov) to integrate the TKB-0252 Drozd-2 hard kill active protection system (APS) onto a T-72BK for trials, according to a contract (number 52/23/19) published on the Russian Unified Procurement Information System website in December 2019.

The contract, valued at RUB745,443 (USD12,138) appears relatively small but accounts for the installation of a Drozd-2 APS onto a T-72BK, as well as 30 TKB-0252SB 1 effector rounds for the Drozd system. Presumably linked to the Drozd-2 APS is the TKB-0252CH high-explosive fragmentation round, ten of which are included in the itinerary.

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