Sea Platforms

More Type 056A corvettes join China’s South Sea Fleet

14 January 2020

A further two anti-submarine warfare (ASW)-capable Type 056A (Jiangdao)-class corvettes have entered service with China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).

Named Ganzhou (pennant number 620) and Panzhihua (621) the ships were commissioned on 10 January, bringing the total number of Type 056A corvettes to enter service since October 2019 to six.

The 1,400-tonne vessels were built at the Wuchang shipyard in Wuhan and were both launched in August 2018. They are now in service with the PLAN’s South Sea Fleet and are assessed to have joined the 17th Frigate Squadron based at Xinhui, about 50 km west of China’s special administrative region of Macau.

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