Military Capabilities

Chinese cities enhancing civil air-defence capabilities

09 January 2020

China’s Ministry of National Defence (MND) announced on 3 January that nine Chinese cities in the Pearl River delta have signed an agreement on the co-ordinated development of civil air defences.

The rationale for this move is that the character of modern warfare may result in simultaneous attacks on multiple cities and that multiple strikes within a single city may occur, which would require co-operation, co-ordination, and mutual assistance between regional civil air defence organisations to minimise the effect of such offensive actions on the population, infrastructure, and civil administration.

The nine cities include Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Foshan, and the collaboration will encompass activities such as ensuring compatibility of communication systems, the connectivity of command-and-control centres, and the conduct of joint training in the provision of cross-regional rescue teams and post-strike recovery activity.

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