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SitaWare 6.10 introduces maritime add-on features

07 January 2020

SitaWare 6.7 was installed on HDMS to support its flagship tasking for SNMCMG1. SitaWare 6.10, released in January 2020, includes a maritime add-on module. Source: Richard Scott/NAVYPIX

Denmark's Systematic is releasing a maritime add-on module as part of the latest 6.10 release of its SitaWare Headquarters command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) software product.

The development, which the company said reflects growing interest from maritime users, follows SitaWare Headquarters' employment as a planning tool for Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One (SNMCMG1) throughout 2019. While Royal Danish Navy (RDN) vessels have deployed on multinational missions with SitaWare, the employment of SitaWare Headquarters on SNMCMG1 flagship HDMS Thetis marked the first time that the software has been used as the flag-level staff planning tool for a NATO maritime task group.

SitaWare Headquarters is a scalable C4I software suite designed to provide an accessible browser-based toolset to support command and control (C2), situational awareness, mission planning, and coalition interoperability. The user community is predominantly in the army and joint domains.

"However, we saw that some customers had taken [SitaWare] into the maritime domain, specifically Ireland and Denmark," said Morten Juhl Bødker, Systematic's business product manager for SitaWare Headquarters. "We have recognised this. At the same time we see that NATO customers are starting to explore options to replace their existing C4I systems, like MCCIS [Maritime Command and Control Information System].

"That has driven an upgrade to meet the specific needs of maritime users. Our view was that with some investment we could address up to 80% of user needs 'out of the box' through a maritime add-on [module]."

New maritime-specific features introduced as part of the SitaWare 6.10 add-on are designed to provide a comprehensive Recognised Maritime Picture (RMP), improve planning capabilities, and introduce maritime-specific tools and functionalities. Among the new features are auto-track correlation, S-63 chart support, and a closest point of approach function.

"The new [maritime add-on] planning tools for 6.10 … include the '4 Whiskey' grid [to support area planning/patrol boxes for large-scale maritime operations], 'Screen Kilo' [supporting a moving formation], and Position and Intended Movement [PIM]," Bødker told Jane's.

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