New Bolivian government pursues military reforms

06 January 2020

The interim Bolivian government of President Jeanine Añez is carrying out a variety of reforms including some involving the country’s military. Regardless of who is in power, the landlocked country will continue to face two security challenges: smuggling, and cocaine production and trafficking.

Since Añez took power in November 2019, she has made a variety of military personnel changes, including tapping former army officer Fernando Lopez as the new defence minister. Other changes include the removal of the “Homeland or Death, we will win” phrase from military ceremonies, a Morales-era homage to the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Moreover, on 27 November, during a ceremony at the Bolivian Army’s academy (Colegio Militar del Ejercito), Añez talked about the future of the anti-imperialist military school (Escuela de Comando Antiimperialista ‘General Juan José Torres’), founded by ousted president Evo Morales.

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