C4iSR: Air

Tempest radar receiver technology demonstrated

18 December 2019

Leonardo UK, as part of Team Tempest, has demonstrated a new miniaturised digital radar warning receiver technology as part of the company's ongoing development work for the next-generation Tempest future combat air system (FCAS).

In an 18 December announcement, Leonardo UK said that in a laboratory demonstration for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and other Team Tempest partners, the new sensor had "demonstrated a direction finding performance of four times what is possible with a typical radar warning receiver while being just [one-tenth] the size of a standard system".

Leonardo UK, alongside BAE Systems, MBDA, and Rolls-Royce, is one of the founding members of Team Tempest, which was assembled by the UK MoD to create a next-generation FCAS for the UK and partner nations (Italy and Sweden have announced their intent to work with the UK on the project).

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