CBRNE & EOD Defence

Ukraine starts work on new CBRN reconnaissance vehicle

16 December 2019

Ukraine has started development of a new chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) reconnaissance vehicle based on the Kozak-2M protected mobility vehicle, according to a 10 December report from Army Inform, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence’s news agency.

The CBRN monitoring equipment was developed by Ukraine’s Sparing-Vist Center and has initiated discussions with the privately owned Practika in order to integrate its system onto Practika’s Kozak-2M protected mobility vehicle, according to Sparing-Vist designer Yuri Bogdanovich.

The goal is to replace Ukraine’s Soviet-era BRDM-2RHB vehicles. Bogdanovich claimed the BRDM-2RHB costs UAH26,236 (USD1,104) per day to operate, as it utilises enzymes derived from animal products to detect CBRN substances.

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