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Czechs overhauling two Burkinabe Mi-17s

12 December 2019

A Burkinabe Mi-17 undergoing its overhaul at LOM Praha. Source: Alan Warnes

LOM Praha is currently overhauling two Burkina Faso Air Force (FABF) Mi-17 helicopters, Jane's was told during a visit to the Czech company's facility at Kbely Air Field on the outskirts of Prague.

Having spent several years in storage, the two helicopters were airfreighted by an Il-76 from Base Aérienne 511 at Ouagadougou's international airport to Pardubice Airport on 15 March and then transported by road to Kbely.

"The helicopters have been stripped of all their aggregates and are being overhauled here, while all the dynamic parts, including the TV3-117MT engines and the gearboxes, are being worked on at our Malešice facility in Prague," LOM Praha project manager Alexandr Demin said. "The work here means the aircrafts' lifecycle will be extended by another four years [from 35 to 39], which means they have eight years of flying left."

Work on the Mi-17s is expected to be completed in the late spring after they have been through several check flights and will then be airfreighted back to Ouagadougou.

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