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Germany receives first H145 LUH SAR helo

10 December 2019

The first of seven H145 LUH SAR helicopters for the German Army was delivered on 10 December. Source: Airbus

The German Army received the first of seven new Airbus Helicopters H145 rotorcraft on 10 December.

The H145 Light Utility Helicopter (LUH), one of a batch ordered in late 2018, was handed over some months ahead of the originally disclosed timeline of mid-2020. The remaining six will be delivered through to early 2021.

The new helicopters will enable the Bundeswehr to begin the process of replacing its ageing Bell UH-1D 'Huey' rotorcraft in the domestic search-and-rescue (SAR) role.

They will be stationed at the current home of the UH-1D SAR force at Niederstetten, as well as at Holzdorf and Nörvenich. Airbus Helicopters will be responsible for logistics support, repair, and maintenance of the helicopters.

The H145 SAR helicopters are equipped with high-performance cameras, searchlights, emergency beacon locator systems, a full suite of medical equipment, and rescue winches and load hooks that can be used for fire-extinguishing buckets.

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