Military Capabilities

Russian Navy to receive 480 weapon systems in 2019

09 December 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a series of meetings on 2-5 December on the development of the navy (VMF). "Under this year's Gosoboronzakaz [State Defence Order], the navy is set to receive more than 480 weapon systems, including two submarines, 23 surface combatants and auxiliary vessels, three aircraft, four mobile coastal defence missile systems, and more than 400 missiles and torpedoes of various types," said Putin.

He also outlined the VMF's priorities, including maintaining current development through co-operation between executive, industrial, military, and scientific bodies; improving combat capabilities through the delivery of destroyers, landing helicopter docks, and Tsirkon-armed frigates and submarines; and closer co-operation between defence and civil industrial branches and manufacturing commercial products.

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