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Ukraine begins trials of Limpid see-through armour

06 December 2019

A BTR-4E equipped with the Limpid Armor vehicle modernisation kit navigates a series of obstacles and a marked route using only the input provided by the system’s sensors. Source: Jane’s/Sam Cranny-Evans

The Ukrainian Army has begun trials of Limpid Armor's Land Platform Modernisation Kit (LPMK), a see-through armour situational awareness system, on one of its BTR-4E infantry fighting vehicles, Limpid Armor CEO Mykhailo Grechukhin announced on 5 December.

The announcement came after a demonstration of the system at a military proving ground near Lviv, where the driver of the BTR-4E was required to navigate a marked out course through off-road terrain using only the LPMK headset and cameras.

In an interview with Jane's, Grechukhin said that Limpid Armor has given the Ukrainian Army an initial set of its LPMKs, which consist of eight situational awareness cameras, a central server, and an augmented reality headset, to conduct initial tests. He added that any feedback from the Ukrainian Army would be used to refine the system before providing an additional five LPMKs for a full set of trials.

The duration of the trials is unclear but the company plans to get all the paperwork for and acceptance of the system completed by the end of 2020, Grechukhin said. He expects it to be considered for all Ukrainian vehicle types, adding that the BTR-4E was chosen by the Ukrainian Army to demonstrate how the system works.

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