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SISU’s new GTV 4×4 gets more powerful engine

05 December 2019

The SISU GPV, recently revealed by the company, is fitted with a more powerful engine than its predecessor. Source: SISU

Finland's SISU has revealed details of its General Purpose Vehicle (GPV), a variant of the GTP 4×4 armoured vehicle that was released in 2018. The GPV has been modified to carry a more powerful engine and updated transmission, according to a November announcement.

The company said the vehicle uses a "new Mercedes-Benz OM926 engine and Allison automatic transmission". Jyri Ahonen, SISU's vice-president of exports, said, "The new General Purpose variant utilises the same updated backbone structure as the APC variant, and these crew bodies, i.e., the General Purpose body and the APC body, are interchangeable."

The GPV has a cab-behind-engine design, with a central module capable of housing four personnel. There is a load tray at the rear of the vehicle to enable it to carry additional supplies and equipment. The new engine is coupled to an automatic Allison 3500SP transmission, Ahonen told Jane's . The engine develops 300hp at 2,200 rpm and 1,200 Nm of torque at 1,600 rpm, he added.

According to the user manual for the OM926 LA engine, it is a diesel, six-cylinder, water-cooled design, with direct fuel injection. A turbocharger and intercooler are fitted as standard, as is a cold start system. The cold start system includes a glow plug arrangement fitted in the intercooler, as well as a grid heater. The former protects the starter motor and battery when ambient temperatures are low and reduces the start-up time. The grid heater pre-heats the charge air to the engine and also reduces start-up times and smoke emissions. The OM926 series has an idling speed of 600 rpm and an effective speed of 2,500 rpm.

The engine and transmission are combined with differential locks in each wheel and an independent suspension system.

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