Terrorism & Insurgency

Dismantling of armed neo-Nazi movement underlines growing risk posed by right-wing extremism in Italy

03 December 2019

Key Points

  • Italian authorities announced that a new national neo-Nazi movement had been dismantled and a large quantity of weapons seized in a series of co-ordinated counter-terrorism operations across the country.
  • Although the group had formed a coherent internal structure and gathered a significant quantity of arms, it did not appear to be operationally active and posed a low-level threat.
  • The dismantling of this network was the latest in a series of operations targeting separate right-wing extremist cells across Italy in 2019, with further such cells/networks likely in existence or to be formed.

Italian authorities announced on 28 November that they had uncovered a plot to establish a new national neo-Nazi movement after a large cache of weapons and fascist propaganda was recovered during a series of co-ordinated police raids earlier the same day targeting the homes of 19 alleged right-wing extremists in 16 different towns and cities across the country.

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