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Expodefensa 2019: Aertec Solutions offers armament-capable Tarsis 25 UAV

03 December 2019

The Tarsis 25 can be used with these Aertec-developed semi-active laser-guided micro missiles that have a range of about 5 km. Two Tarsis 25 aircraft are required to carry out a strike mission. Source: Jane’s/Pat Host

Aertec Solutions of Spain is promoting its armament-capable Tarsis 25 light tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to potential customers.

Rodrigo Valdivieso, company aerospace and defence systems business development director, told Jane's on 2 December at the Expodefensa trade show that the 25 kg Tarsis 25 features six hours of endurance with a 5 kg payload capacity. The aircraft also has different communications range configurations, from 40 to 150 km from the ground station. The Tarsis 25 has six hours of endurance with a 54 kt cruise speed.

The Tarsis 25 is designed for observation, surveillance, and light weapon missions. The aircraft can be used with Aertec-developed semi-active laser guided micro missiles that have a range of about 5 km. Valdivieso said these missiles are meant for soft targets such as automobiles and railroad tracks.

These micro missiles feature 4 kg of munition with capacity for 5 kg. Valdivieso said a customer would need two Tarsis 25 aircraft for a strike mission with one aircraft performing the designation and the other performing the strike. Aertec's larger Tarsis 75 model can simultaneously perform both the designator and strike mission, he said.

Aertec develops its own payloads for the Tarsis 25, allowing customisation for potential customers. Valdivieso said the standard Tarsis 25 payload is an observation gimbal but the company can add a laser telemeter. He said the larger Tarsis 75 can integrate a laser designator to be used with the micro missiles.

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