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Russia develops multilayered C-UAS system

29 November 2019

The Pishchal-PRO C-UAS system is based on the MP-514K 4.5 mm pneumatic rifle. Source: Nikolai Novichkov

Russian defence equipment exporter Rosoboronexport, a subsidiary of the state-owned Rostec group, has developed a four-stage/dual-use counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) capability and is now actively marketing it globally, Director General Alexander Mikheev told Jane's .

"Rosoboronexport has embraced a new multifaceted C-UAS defence, which combines both soft-kill, or electronic warfare [EW], and hard-kill kinetic systems," Mikheev said, adding that the company's approach comprises at least four types of EW systems. "It can engage all types of UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles], both combat and commercial-off-the-shelf ones."

The first tier includes the Repellent C-UAS device produced by JSC Defense Systems. It jams communications, control, and navigations channels within 200-6,000 MHz frequency band at a distance of up to 30 km.

The second layer is made up of the Sapsan-Bekas mobile C-UAS system developed by Rostec subsidiary Avtomatika. The system is fitted with both active and passive UAV detection devices. It can visually track small UAVs up to 8 km away with its TV camera and a cooled thermal imager, or up to 10 km and 20 km respectively via its active radar and electronic intelligence systems.

The Sapsan-Bekas can also disrupt UAV navigation and control channels within a 30 km range, as well as designating targets for external EW and air defence weapons.

The Rubezh-Avtomatika and Kupol-PRO C-UAS systems developed by Avtomatika form the third, tactical tier. These systems are designed to repel individual and swarm UAV attacks by jamming an area that is 3-4 km wide and 2.7 km high. The Kupol-PRO weighs 12 kg and has a power capacity of 80 W.

The fourth tier is built up of the portable C-UAS devices, namely the Luch and the Pishchal-PRO man-portable systems. These have been designed to defeat small UAVs at distances of up to 6 km and 2 km, respectively.

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