Air-Launched Weapons

MBDA Deutschland pitches air-launched Enforcer missile

27 November 2019

The MBDA Enforcer missile displayed at Berlin Security Conference 2019. The company is pitching the air-launched Enforcer Air at its primary German customer, and also the wider international market. Source: IHS Markit/ Gareth Jennings

MBDA Deutschland is pitching an air-launched version of its Enforcer missile to Germany and beyond, a senior company representative told Jane's on 27 November.

Speaking at the Berlin Security Conference 2019 in the German capital, Head of Sales and Marketing, Guido Brendler, said that Enforcer Air, as the particular variant of the normally shoulder-launched missile is known, is being focused at the German customer in particular, but could also be offered to the wider international market.

"The Enforcer Air is the little brother of the [MBDA] Brimstone, in terms of size and cost," Brendler said, adding that the company is currently waiting on a launch customer to undertake platform integration work.

In terms of potential platform applications for Enforcer Air, Brendler noted that it could be carried by helicopters, tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and medium-latitude long-endurance (MALE) UAVs in particular. While the baseline-Enforcer is shoulder-launched, the Enforcer Air could be drop-launched, tube-launched, or rail-launched depending on the host platform and the customer requirement.

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