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Draken International’s first regenerated Mirage F1 for US Air Force makes first flight

19 November 2019

Draken International's regenerated Dassault Mirage F1 aircraft will start adversary air services for the US Air Force in 2020. Source: Draken International

Key Points

  • The first regenerated Mirage F1 for US Air Force adversary air training made its first flight
  • These supersonic radar-equipped aircraft will perform manoeuvres that were not previously possible in adversary air training

Draken International's first regenerated Dassault Mirage F1 multirole fighter that will be used in US Air Force (USAF) adversary air training made its first flight in Lakeland, Florida, on 12 November, according to a company statement.

The supersonic, radar-equipped Mirage F1 is one of 24 former military fighter aircraft being regenerated by Draken International and assisted by Paramount Group-subsidiary Paramount Aerospace Systems. Sean Gustafson, Draken International vice-president for business development, told Jane's on 18 November that these regenerated aircraft have been overhauled per technical orders to ensure airworthiness. All systems, the engine, the ejection seat, and more were meticulously checked to ensure a safe aircraft.

Along with the acquisition of 24 Mirage F1s and 12 Denel Aviation Cheetah multirole fighters back in 2018, Draken International looks forward to operating all 36 advanced fighter aircraft on Pentagon contracts in 2020. The company was recently awarded a contract as part of the USAF's USD6.4 billion Combat Air Forces (CAF) Adversary Air (ADAIR) programme for combat readiness training.

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