Infantry Weapons

Details emerge of Russia’s Sokol-V gun-launched missile

19 November 2019

The next-generation 3UBK25 Sokol-V (Falcon) 125 mm gun-launched missile designed by the Tochmash Nudelman Precision Design Bureau is due to enter its first testing phase, according to information released through Russian sources.

The tests will include 25 all-up missiles including a warhead and seeker, as well as 46 practise missiles fitted only with the seeker, and 46 missiles fitted only with an inertial navigation system. If successful and entered into service, the Sokol-V will be the only gun-launched missile in Russian service with an autonomous homing capability.

The early indications are that the missile will be fired from a 2A82 125 mm smoothbore gun mounted on a T-80 main battle tank.

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