Military Capabilities

Pentagon seeking whole-of-government response in strategic competition with China

14 November 2019

The US Department of Defense (DoD) is “keenly focused on China and its growing projection of power” as Beijing seeks to assume a global leadership role in the coming decades based on its “authoritative socialist model”, Chad Sbragia, the US deputy assistant secretary of defense for China, said on 13 November.

“Years ago, China was a continentally focused power. Then it became maritime-focused, particularly in the East and South China Seas. Today, it seeks to project sophisticated power globally, particularly in areas with heavy Belt and Road [also known as One Belt, One Road (OBOR)] Initiative activity,” said Sbragia in Washington, DC, pointing out that “the unfolding of long-term [economic, military and political] strategic competition with China really is the defining challenge of our generationˮ.

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