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12 November 2019

(Herstal, Belgium) - November 12, 2019. For 130 years, Belgium-based FN Herstal has provided generations of Defense and Security Forces as well as Special Units, with weapons that give them a clear advantage in any engagement. FN Herstal will exhibit its small caliber weapon and weapon systems at DEFENSE & SECURITY 2019, Bangkok, from November 18 through to November 21.

Portable weapons: from the FN less lethal solution to the FN MAG®

A wide range of FN portable weapons will be displayed at Defense & Security 2019. FN Herstal proposes rifles and carbines for all types of Defense and Security missions. Based on the rifle that equips elite military Special Forces worldwide, the FN SCAR®-L (5.56x45mm/.223 Rem) and FN SCAR®-H rifles (7.62x51mm/.308 cal.) are available in several versions: various barrel lengths; wide offering of buttstock types; choice between receiver with Picatinny type side rails or KeyMod receiver; black or FDE color. The subcompact FN SCAR®-SC subcompact carbine is the newest addition to the FN SCAR® family and is available in 5.56x45mm (.223 Rem cal.) or 7.62x31mm (.300 BLK).

The 40mm FN40GL® Mk2 grenade launcher mounted under any FN SCAR® assault rifle or used as a stand-alone launcher provides increased capability to the user. To achieve full potential on the battlefield, the FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit can be fitted on the FN40GL® grenade launcher - or any multi-shot grenade launcher. The FN® FCU Mk3 Fire Control Unit provides a complete sighting and aiming solution.

The FN SCAR®-H PR precision rifle is a highly reliable and extremely accurate weapon of choice for the specialized Marksman. The semi-automatic 7.62x51mm (.308) rifle with its heavy floating barrel and Match grade trigger provides rapid shots on target even at long range. The long one piece integrated top rail allows day and night optics to be fitted in line. A choice of buttstock options - foldable or fixed, tactical - allow the rifle to be adapted to the user's needs. When there is no margin for error, the FN SCAR®-H PR precision rifle can make the difference. Next to the FN SCAR® line, FN Herstal will exhibit the world-renowned FN MINIMI® Mk3 light machine guns available in 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm NATO calibers and the original FN MAG® general purpose machine gun . The FN 303® Less Lethal solution , also on show, is particularly effective when a baton is not sufficient and lethal force may still be avoided. Personnel can intervene with an acceptable level of force while remaining at a safe distance.

High firepower with FN® integrated weapon systems

Also to be seen at Defense & Security 2019, the deFNder® Medium Remote Weapon Station . Combining a smart and modular architecture with heavy firepower, the RWS can accept the FN MINIMI® 5.56 (FN®M249), the FN MINIMI® 7.62 (FN® Mk48), the FN MAG® (FN®M240) and .50 cal weapons such as the FN® M2HB-QCB and exclusive FN® M3R machine guns .

FN fixed-forward firing capabilities will also be on show with the FN® D-RMP Digital Rocket Machine Gun Pod . It comes with a 250-round .50 cal ammunition box and three 70mm rocket launcher tubes and is digitally compatible (MILSTD-1760 standard compliant).

Alongside airborne applications, FN Herstal will also present its agile FN® Light Pintle System (LPS), to be mounted on new or in-service platforms. The FN® LPS equipped with the FN MAG® 58M is well-suited for self-defense and suppressive fire in an anti-personnel role up to 1,000m.

Throughout its whole product range, FN Herstal offers 360-degree service support, including a wide range of certified accessories and ammunition.

FN Herstal's products are to be seen at DEFENSE & SECURITY 2019, stand M17, Bangkok, Thailand, from 18 through to 21 November 2019.

1889-2019 130 years of excellence. Leading to the future.

FN Herstal is the Defense and Security branch of the Herstal Group. Situated in Belgium since its creation the Herstal Group is also active in the civilian sector through its range of Hunting, Shooting and Outdoor products with the Browning and Winchester Firearms brands*. The Herstal Group has almost 3,000 employees worldwide, and registered a turnover of more than 820 million Euros in 2018. FN Herstal's mission is to design, develop and manufacture a full range of innovative solutions at the leading edge of technology, centered on small arms and their ammunition, that meet specific market requirements today and in the future. The customers are Armed Forces, Security Forces and Special Groups worldwide. The FN Herstal product range includes small arms, Less Lethal systems, and integrated weapon systems for air, sea and land applications, remote weapon stations, small caliber ammunition, and solutions that harness modern technology to enhance the capabilities of the dismounted combatant. FN Herstal is based near Liège in Belgium, with three fully owned subsidiaries: FN America (USA), FNH UK (UK) and Noptel (Finland). For more information about FN Herstal, visit

* Winchester Firearms is a trademark registered by the Olin Corporation.

FN Herstal, S.A. Voie de Liège 33 | B-4040 Herstal | Belgium Tel. : +32 4 240 81 11 |

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  • Mk 20 Electro-Optical Sensor System (EOSS)

    Type Naval Fire-Control System (FCS). Development In 2005, following a competitive procurement process, Kollmorgen Electro-Optical (acquired by L-3 Communications in February 2012 and now operating as L-3 KEO) was chosen to provide the US Navy (USN) with an EOSS as part of the CG-47