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Eagle V 6×6 awaits production green light

12 November 2019

An Eagle 6×6 developed to meet Swiss army requirements, showing a protected four-door compartment, mast-mounted sensor pack, and Kongsberg remote weapon station. Source: GDELS-MOWAG

General Dynamics European Land Systems – MOWAG said it has completed development of its latest Eagle 6×6 and is awaiting a production contract, with the Swiss army likely the first customer.

The Swiss army has said the Eagle 6×6 will meet its requirement for 100 reconnaissance vehicles, and GDELS-MOWAG confirmed that the Swiss army has received a pre-series Eagle 6×6 that has gone through user trials.

A contract is expected to be placed late in 2019, according to GDELS-MOWAG. These are to be fitted with a four-door protected cab, load area at the rear, retractable mast-mounted surveillance package, and a Kongsberg Protector remote weapon station armed with a stabilised .50 calibre M2 HB machine gun.

The 6×6 is the latest member of the Eagle family of vehicles and a further development of the Eagle 4×4. The additional steered third axle increases payload and interior volume while retaining the same manoeuvrability as the 4×4, the company told Jane’s .

GDELS-MOWAG stated that “to date the Eagle 6×6 has been built in three variants: troop carrier, ambulance, and reconnaissance”.

The latest baseline Eagle 4×4 has as a payload of up to 3,300 kg and a protected volume of up to 6 cubic meters, depending on the configuration and body fitted. According to GDELS-MOWAG, the Eagle 6×6 has a payload of up to 6,000 kg and a protected volume of up to 14.5 cubic meters.

The 6×6 shares many common components with the original 4×4, but is available with a more powerful engine. The Eagle family has an Allison 250 SP five-speed automatic transmission, two-stage gearbox, and a central tyre inflation system fitted as standard.

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