Military Capabilities

EU defence agency to float idea of common AI ‘data lake’ among its members

12 November 2019

The European Defence Agency (EDA) says creating a common ‘data lake’ among its member states could offer a way for the latter to test their artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and needs. This would mimic what some EU countries are already doing, but on a larger scale, and would help create common benchmarks for the technology’s testing and development, said an EDA official.

“This would be part of our AI strategy for our militaries,” Panagiotis Kikiras, the EDA’s head of unit for innovative research, told the EU’s annual security research conference in Helsinki on 7 November. “AI is not new – it’s been around since the 1970s – but what is new is the volume of data [for AI applications], plus the [accelerating] rate of machine learning.

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