Military Capabilities

Esper calls on US private sector, academia to help in the AI race against China

07 November 2019

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has called on private companies and academia to help the US military in the race against China for dominance in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

"We need the full force of American intellect and ingenuity working in harmony across the public and private sectors… to ensure we maintain a strategic edge, and we need forums and commissions such as these to pioneer solutions that would deter aggression and provide for our collective security," said Esper during a 5 November conference on artificial intelligence hosted by the National Security Commission in Washington, DC.

"Future wars will be fought not just on the land and in the sea as they have been for thousands of years, or in the air as they have for the past century, but also in outer space and cyberspace in unprecedented ways," said Esper, pointing out that AI has the potential to transform warfare in all of these domains.

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