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Australian Army enlists SitaWare HQ for Track Management Capability

07 November 2019

Systematic’s SitaWare HQ software has been selected by the Australian Army to support the operations of brigade-level and above headquarters. Source: Systematic

The Australian Army has selected Systematic's SitaWare Headquarters (HQ) software to enhance its deployable command-and-control (C2) capabilities, the company announced on 7 November.

The software will be used by the service as its interim Track Management Capability (TMC), which aims to support coalition interoperability by enabling blue force tracking, shared situational awareness, and communications between partners.

According to Systematic, TMC will be rolled out to the army's deployed headquarters operating at brigade-level and above. The Deployable Joint Force Headquarters (DJFHQ) - an element of the Brisbane-based 1st Division - is the first element to field TMC, which is designed to operate on a range of platforms, including the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN's) Canberra-class landing helicopter dock vessels, which are central to the Australian Defence Force's (ADF's) amphibious capability.

SitaWare HQ is designed for brigade/battalion headquarters, as well as mobile tactical headquarters-level use and includes a range of functionalities, including integrated chat, collaborative planning tools, mapping, and picture management. The software is based on the HTML5 platform and can be accessed directly using a standard web browser.

TMC will also feature SitaWare's Variable Message Format (VMF) Gateway module, which leverages its research with the Australian Army's Land Network Integration Centre (LNIC) to enhance interoperability with other communications standards, including those supporting Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP), NATO Friendly Force Information (NFFI), Over-The-Horizon Gold (OTH-Gold), and Link 16 formats.

The earlier work also established a Capability Technology Demonstrator (CTD) that tested compatibility with the army's systems. Trials of the VMF CTD demonstrated its ability to support 25,000 entities, a scale that is representative of a coalition and multi-national environment.

"The software is already deployed on the Mission Partner Environment (MPE). Systematic will provide TMC-specific features in our next three releases of SitaWare HQ," Systematic's Vice President for the Asia Pacific Region, David Horton, told Jane's .

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