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Images show J-20 fighter fitted with new engines

01 November 2019

Images have emerged on Chinese online forums showing a Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG) J-20 fifth-generation multirole fighter aircraft equipped with new engines.

The photographs, which emerged in late October, show a J-20 painted in yellow primer both in the air and on the ground at Chengdu-Huangtianba airfield, the location of the CAIG manufacturing facility.

The new engine, the exact designation of which has not been disclosed, appears to be a variant of the indigenous Liming WS10A Taihang engine and features serrated afterburner nozzles to enhance its stealth capability.

This engine variant was first tested on J-20 prototype number ‘2021’ on 19 September 2017 and then on prototype ‘2022’ in January 2018, after which the aircraft were transferred to the China Flight Testing Establishment at Xian-Yanliang airbase.

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