Fast Targeting 2 study explores direct target acquisition from satellite imagery

30 October 2019

A novel method to accelerate the targeting cycle for cruise missiles and precision-guided munitions has been investigated by MBDA Missile Systems as part of the French/UK Materials and Components for Missiles Innovation and Technology Partnership (MCM ITP).

Known as Fast Targeting in Complex 3D Scenes Phase 2 - or Fast Targeting 2 - the two-year work package has explored how direct target acquisition from satellite images can be rapidly exploited for pinpoint strikes, thereby simplifying the mission planning task and offering increased flexibility and responsiveness for precision strike missions. The project - also involving the participation of GREYC laboratory, part of Caen Normandie University; Queen Mary University of London; and Vision Semantics - has utilised Deep Learning techniques to learn how to match images of a target area scene despite significant geometric and radiometric distortions.

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