AUSA 2019: DefendTex presents new loitering munition, exploding ‘cephalopod’

16 October 2019

Australian company DefendTex presented a new loitering munition and the prototype of an explosive unmanned underwater vehicle at the 2019 Association of the United States Army (AUSA 2019) conference, held in Washington, DC, on 14–16 October.

The Drone-40 is a low-cost, programmable 40 mm loitering munition. It has a cruise speed of about 20 m/s, a range of about 10 km, and can loiter for up to 20 minutes. The system can be launched by a HK M320 grenade launcher and can carry anti-armour, fuel-air, high-explosive/fragmentation, smoke, and counter-unmanned aircraft system (UAS) payloads. The round can be launched individually or as part of a swarm.

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