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Iranian military highlights air defences around Gulf energy hubs

09 October 2019

The Iranian military has provided a look at the air defences it has deployed on Kharg Island and at Asaluyeh: two of the most important sites in the Islamic republic's oil and gas export network.

Maj Gen Mousavi inspects a launcher for Sayyad-2/3 missiles. ( Gen Mousavi inspects a launcher for Sayyad-2/3 missiles. (

Iranian news agency photographs and television coverage on 8 October showed Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, the commander of the regular armed forces, visiting the two locations and inspecting air defence systems that included a Tor M1, at least one Mersad (Hawk), and a Tabas.

The surveillance radars seen included a Matla-ul-fajr low frequency system designed to detect stealth aircraft.

Possibly most significantly, at least one launcher for Sayyed-2 or Sayyad-3 surface-to-air missiles was seen deployed, probably at Asaluyeh. The missiles have claimed ranges of 75 km and 120 km, respectively. They have been identified as missiles that can be used with both the Talash and Khordad 15 air defence systems.

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