Military Capabilities

EU plans for co-ordinating multination maritime ‘presences’ start to take shape

09 October 2019

The EU aims to unveil the outlines of its plan for creating Coordinated Maritime Presences (CMP) to national capitals by year end, according to EU officials. Exploratory talks between EU and NATO military staff will also take place in November or December for stepped-up exchanges of maritime picture data to support the CMP task forces, they said.

“The concept is still in its early phases, but we will see how we can co-operate at sea with NATO, bearing in mind that the [EU’s] member states use a single set of forces that have to be deployable for both organisations,” Captain Hans Huygens, the EU Military Staff’s head of division for military assessment and planning, told a meeting of the European Parliament’s subcommittee for security and defence in Brussels on 8 October.

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