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DSEI 2019: Elbit expands Dominator soldier suite

13 September 2019

SmartEye is a C2 display integrated into ballistic eyewear to provide soldiers with an augmented reality display of the battlefield. Source: Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems displayed four new wearable command-and-control (C2) devices at the DSEI 2019 defence show, which is being held in London from 10-13 September.

The devices are designed for special forces and infantry units in the field. "As warfare becomes increasingly networked, Elbit Systems' new devices address the requirement from infantry commanders and soldiers to enhance their interface with command-and-control (C2) applications, with other force members, and with external sensing assets, thereby stepping-up situational awareness and combat effectiveness," the company said in a statement.

Part of Elbit's Dominator soldier combat suite, the new products are C2 displays integrated into ballistic eyewear (SmartEye), add-ons for weapon sights (SmartSight) and night-vision goggles (SmartNVG), and a watch-like device (Smart WristView).

All four are designed to provide soldiers with a quick and convenient way of receiving operational data that makes them more effective in combat, with the first three overlaying what the soldier sees with augmented reality symbology. In the case of SmartSight, this includes laser rangefinder data and a compass, greatly improving a soldier's ability to locate and accurately engage targets.

SmartEye can provide a soldier with views from multiple sources, including weapon sights, unmanned aircraft, and sensors operated by other units, according to Elbit, while SmartNVG provides navigational data that enables soldiers to move around more easily at night.

Elbit describes Smart WristView as "a compact, low-power, rugged, wrist-strapped C2 display, providing warriors with a quick and convenient view of operational data in combat situations without altering weapon's hold."

A company source told Jane's that a contract has already been signed with one customer and other potential clients have expressed significant interest in the systems.

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