DSEI 2019

Ship-shape [DSEI19D4]

13 September 2019

Kongsberg Digital (Stand S6-145) and SeaCross Marine (Stand S9-262) have announced a new partnership at DSEI.

The pairing forms the basis for the coming together of two cutting-edge technical innovators, with the focus to develop unique and effective products and end-to-end solutions for high-speed navigation and fast craft simulation.

The training aspect is comprehensively covered by Kongsberg Digital’s K-Sim Fast Craft Simulator technology.

Designed to provide trainees with a realistic perception of operating in a real-life environment, the simulator utilises an advanced physics engine, motion system and hydrodynamic vessel modelling capabilities to replicate the behaviour of high-speed vessels in various sea states and at all speeds. This allows military and professional fast craft operators to perform efficient, safe and repeatable training in tactical scenarios that would be dangerous, expensive and resource-demanding to do for real.

The SeaCross navigation system has been developed for use in craft that can attain speeds of up to 100kt in the challenging environments of littoral waters or open seas. Since the first product launch in 2006, SeaCross has evolved into a platform with functionality specifically designed for the most demanding environments and end users. The navigation system is currently in use on a large number of vessels around the world.

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