DSEI 2019

Teeth for sixth-gen fighter [DSEI19D3]

12 September 2019

MBDA (Stand S1-200) is showing a range of weapon concepts that could be further developed under the Tempest programme. Some of the concepts applicable to Tempest were aired at the Paris Air Show in June in connection with the Dassault-led Franco-German- Spanish New Generation Fighter project, but additional systems have been unveiled at DSEI.

As a founding member and co-ordinator of effects in Team Tempest, MBDA has been involved in the design process from the start, ensuring that its weapon system development work complements platform development to deliver capability enhancements across the range of future missions.

Some of the proposed Tempest weapons are already in service or active development for current platforms, such as the Meteor long-range air-toair missile and Spear precision-attack missile, of which the electronic warfare derivative is being shown for the first time.

Among the concepts unveiled in Paris that are again being highlighted for Tempest are two deep strike weapons, one optimised for stealth and the other for high speed.

On show for the first time are concepts for within-visual range air-to-air weapons, based on the current ASRAAM/CAMM family.

The Tempest's planned longer internal bay would allow it to carry a shortened ASRAAM-type weapon in pairs on launchers, or a longer, larger-calibre derivative with greater range.

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