DSEI 2019

First order for gun [DSEI19D3]

12 September 2019

MSI-Defence Systems (Stand S3-160) has disclosed a launch order for a 30mm version of its Seahawk Lightweight (LW) naval gun system.

Engineering development of the Seahawk LW mounting began in late 2009 using the same servo and stabilisation techniques already in service with MSI-Defence Systems’ larger-calibre mountings.

The company has since sold the Seahawk LW20K variant (fitted with the Oerlikon 20mm KAA cannon) for Damen 5009 Stan Patrol ships built for the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, and the Seahawk LW14.5P version (integrating the Romarm 14.5mm heavy machine gun) to an Asian customer.

The new LW30M, which integrates the Northrop Grumman MK 44 S 30mm cannon in the MSI-DS Seahawk LW mounting, is designed to offer navies and coastal security authorities ‘‘a lightweight, reliable and cost-effective gun solution with an extended range capability and unmatched accuracy in this market segment’’, according to MSIDefence Systems. The company adds that the Seahawk LW30M enjoys the added advantage of dual ammunition feed capability, providing for either additional ammunition capacity or a mix of two dissimilar onboard ammunition types.

As with other Seahawk LW systems, Seahawk LW30M is equipped with an electrooptical sensor package suite comprising a daylight TV camera, a thermal imaging camera and a laser rangefinder.

Equipped with an advanced gun fire control system with a dedicated inboard control console, the Seahawk LW system architecture allows for a compact installation envelope, ideally suited to smaller vessels.

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