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DSEI 2019: Controp launches SIGHT Box-enclosed RWS sensor system

12 September 2019

Controp’s SIGHT Box multi-sensor payload was developed for land and maritime RWS. Source: Controp

Controp has launched its SIGHT Box multi-sensor payload, developed for land and maritime remote weapon station (RWS) applications. The SIGHT Box integrates imaging and laser transmitter systems in a box frame designed to withstand conditions common on combat vehicles.

The SIGHT Box is offered with a range of sensors and lasers to fulfil various search, track, and target requirements. Options include cooled and uncooled thermal imagers, high-definition (HD) colour day cameras with continuous zoom, as well as Eyesafe Laser Range Finder (ELRF), and pointers. A picture-in-picture function provides simultaneous day and thermal imaging video feeds to the user.

Speaking to Jane's at DSEI on 10 September, a company spokesperson said SIGHT systems can also be fitted with a high-operating temperature (HOT) midwave imager that benefits from xBn detector technology. HOT imagers generally combine high performance with increased mean time between failures, low power consumption, and compact size.

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