DSEI 2019

Mobility mastered [DSEI19D2]

11 September 2019

French company Texelis (Stand N7-300) is now marketing complete mobility systems for wheeled armoured fighting vehicles (AFV), as well as a wide range of suspension and axle solutions for AFVs and cross-country trucks. To be seen on its stand are scale models of the Serval (4x4) AFV, TXP (4x4) series running chassis, and examples of its T700 and T900 axle systems.

The company's largest contract is to provide the diesel powerpack, driveline, suspension and electrical system for the French Army's latest Nexter Systems 4x4 Véhicule Blindé Multi-Rôles-Light (VBMR-L) AFV, now named Serval. The first prototypes are undergoing trials and it is expected that up to 2,022 units will be delivered to the French Army.

The Texelis facility in Limoges supplies Serval kits to the Nexter Systems Roanne facility, which then fits the welded monocoque hull and integrates all the subsystems, including government furnished equipment, ready for delivery to the French Army.

To meet potential export customer requirements, Texelis has developed the TXP 14 and TXP 18 (4x4) running chassis, with the latter indicating the gross vehicle weight in tonnes.

The TXP comprises a proven chassis complete with a Texelis independent suspension system to provide a high level of cross-country mobility, front-mounted powerpack consisting of a diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission, and complete driver's station.

At least two undisclosed export customers have selected the TXP running chassis, which has now been fitted with a locally designed armour protected body to increase local content. In addition to supplying the complete running chassis, Texelis can also supply this as a complete knock down for local assembly.

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