DSEI 2019

Hot shots [DSEI19D2]

11 September 2019

Multi-faceted Turkish company Aselsan (Stand N6-200) is debuting its recently revealed NEFER-L remote-controlled stabilised weapon station and its new 81mm ALKAR-81 mortar system.

NEFER-L, which incorporates a 25mm or 30mm automatic cannon as the main gun, a 7.62mm machine gun as a coaxial weapon, as well as an independent electro-optic suite, was developed primarily against armoured land targets.

Its low weight and silhouette make it ideal for integration onto 6x6 and 8x8 wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles and fixed surveillance points. Its design also enables the integration of Western and Eastern-origin weapons.

NEFER-L enhances the situational awareness of the gunner, while the vulnerability to attack is decreased drastically.

The system also provides underarmour ammunition reloading capability, where the user can load the ammunition without the need to exit the vehicle. NEFER-L features gyro stabilisation, automatic target tracking and automatic ballistic calculation, which provide first-round hit capability during shoot-on-the-move operations.

Aselsan’s 81mm ALKAR- 81 mortar system, which was originally designed entirely by the company, including subsystems, is a modern weapon system integrated on a turntable with an automatic barrel-laying system, recoil mechanism and fire control systems. It enables a high firing performance with a minimum amount of ammunition, while the recoil mechanism reduces the force transferred to the platform during shooting.

The system can be integrated onto tracked and tactical wheeled platforms as well as stationary platforms due to its modular system architecture, which also enables integration of all kinds of rifled and smoothbore mortar barrel.

Also on display are the company’s communication solutions, electro-optic systems, guidance kits, unmanned systems, anti-torpedo systems and tank modernisation solutions.

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