DSEI 2019

Zooming in [DSEI19D2]

11 September 2019

MKS Instruments (Stand S7-326) has brought to DSEI two new medium-wave infrared (MWIR) continuous zoom lenses that it launched earlier in the year. The Ophir SupIR 45-900mm f/4 and SupIR 50-1,350mm f/5.5 long-range, motorised continuous zoom lenses are part of a family of thermal imaging lenses suited for 15μm and 20μm video graphics array (VGA) and 10μm HD formats, which MKS says enables simple integration over a detection range of up to 26km.

The 45-900mm f/4 zoom lens, based on the legacy SupIR 15-300mm MWIR f/4, thousands of units of which are in operation as part of long-range observation systems, is designed for ground applications, including long-range surveillance systems, border control and multiple non-defence applications such as forest fire control, critical infrastructure and security. Its narrow field-of-view focal length ranges from 300- 900mm, and horizontal field of view up to 0.6°.

The 50-1,350mm f/5.5 zoom lens, meanwhile, is based on a folded optics design that fits into a 20in airborne gimble suitable for compact unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as other applications in which weight and size are critical. It provides a 27x zoom ratio, and is suited for VGA and HD formats. MKS is demonstrating its high-resolution thermal-imaging video capabilities at DSEI, and will also be showing infrared components for the first time, including large mirrors and lenses, domes and prisms.

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