Land Platforms

Turkey deploys S-400 components

05 September 2019

Israeli satellite imagery provider ImageSat International released imagery on 3 September showing S-400E components emplaced at Mϋrted airfield near the Turkish capital of Ankara. Turkey began taking delivery of the S-400E in July, when Russia delivered the first components to Mϋrted.

ImageSat’s imagery shows the radar elements and launchers of an S-400E battery deployed on the ramp areas of Mϋrted. Turkey ordered four batteries of the S-400E in 2017. At least one higher-echelon command unit was also ordered, evidenced by the presence of associated elements at Mϋrted as well.

The Mϋrted battery consists of a 92N6E target engagement radar, 96L6E target acquisition radar and associated 40V6MR mast assembly, and three 5P85TE3 towed transporter erector launchers (TELs).

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